June 19

10 Hacks to Organize Your Under the Sink Space


Do you get annoyed when you open the cabinet doors to space under your sink? You may feel frustrated when you notice how cluttered and unorganized it looks. It might even take you quite some time to find what you need when you want to clean, wash your face, or use anything else that you commonly store under the sink in your kitchen or bathroom. You need to Organize Your Under the Sink.

If you are tired of dealing with a mess, give these simple hacks a try because they will surely help you eliminate the clutter and get organized.

Use an Over the Door Basket on the Cabinet Door

Add an over-the-door basket to your cabinet door. If you have a basket hanging on the door, you can eliminate some of the clutter by putting some items inside the basket. The size of the basket selected will depend on the size of the cabinet doors underneath your sink. No matter which size you choose, you should have enough space in the basket for a few of the items that are commonly found under your sinks, such as sponges and cleansers.

Put Items in Plastics Baskets From the Dollar Store

Grab a few plastic containers in a color of your choice from the dollar store. You can pull items from underneath the sink and place them inside the plastic baskets to keep them from falling over and looking unorganized under the sink. You may want to put essentials in a basket in the front while placing other items in plastic baskets that can get pushed to the back of the space underneath your sink.

Use Storage Containers with Lids and Labels

Instead of cleansers for the home, you might have a lot of face and body products under the sink in your bathroom, including unopened bars of soap, shower gel, face wash, tweezers, and more. If you want to keep the area looking its best, consider using small storage containers with lids attached to them. You can keep everything in place and stored away. Make it easier to find what you need by placing a label on each container that lets you know the contents of the container without opening it.

4. Under Sink Organizers and Storage

Purchase under the sink organizers. Many are two tiered and slide like drawers. They have nice baskets and are easy to assemble. I use these in my bathrooms under the sinks to hold everything from lotions to razors.

5. Make Use of Interior Wall Space

If you have plenty of interior wall space under the sink, make use of it to eliminate some of the clutter. You can make use of the wall space in different ways by hanging up miniature shoe racks, mini plastic baskets, and other small storage containers that provide enough space for your essentials.

6. Use PVC Pipes as Holders for Hair Tools

Do you have different hair tools that you often use, such as a curling iron, flat iron, and hairdryer? While you may enjoy using these hair tools, you might not like the idea of having them all over the bathroom where they are taking up space and making the bathroom look messy. 

If you have some extra PVC pipes lying around, cut them down to size, install them on the cabinet door under your sink, and use them as holders for your hair tools to keep them organized and out of sight until you need them.

Add Cleansers to Miniature Spray Bottles to Eliminate Some Bulk

If you use different cleaning products to get your home to look its best, you might store those cleaning products under the sink. The bottles that these products come in are often bulky and take up a lot of space. 

If you want to eliminate some of the bulk and save space, you can buy miniature spray bottles and dump the cleansers into those spray bottles. Make sure to label the miniature spray bottles because you want to know what you are using when it is time for you to clean.

Use Jars with Lids for Cotton Balls, Q-Tips, and More

Keep your smaller items organized by using mason jars with lids. You can fit quite a few different items inside these containers, including cotton balls, q-tips, cotton rounds, hair ties, bobby pins, and more. Label your mason jars to make it even easier for you to find what you need when you need it.

Place Cleansers on a Lazy Susan

It is not always easy to find the cleanser that you want to use when looking under the sink if you have dozens of different items there. However, you can make it easier to find what you need while keeping your containers in order by placing them on a Lazy Susan. Simply rotate it when you are looking for something specific. This Lazy Susan is technically a spice rack but it is A-MA-ZING!

Attach an Acrylic Organizer to the Cabinet Door

Purchase acrylic organizers and attach one to the cabinet door. The organizer may have several components and storage space available to make it easy for you to store several items at once.

When you want the space under your sink to look more organized, try some of these hacks. You can easily work on eliminating the clutter while still having easy access to what you need.

The best part of having a clean, organized under the sink space is that it can make cleaning easier. You’ll know exactly where to find everything and you won’t have to waste time looking for items. Even better, when your under the sink area is neat and tidy, you may be more likely to take care of it regularly because you want it to stay nice! We hope our tips will help give you some ideas on how to get started organizing this tricky area in your kitchen or bathroom. Which hacks we’ve shared did you try? What are your favorite tricks for keeping things as orderly as possible?


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