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12 Easy to Miss Areas in Your Cleaning Routine


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The house is a place where we spend most of our time and it’s important to have a clean home. If you’re feeling like your cleaning routine needs an overhaul, this post will help point you in the right direction! The article includes 12 easy-to-miss areas that are often overlooked when cleaning the house. Give these tips some thought and see how much difference they make for you!

Are you planning any cleaning projects this year? Hopefully you have made a list of where to clean if so. If you have made your list, are you certain you have gotten everywhere you should be cleaning already? Believe it or not, you probably haven’t. Spring cleaning can be such a large job that it is incredibly easy to overlook certain areas. These twelve easy to miss areas in your spring cleaning routine are just a few.

Air Filters

During your cleaning fest is the perfect time to either clean or replace the air filters in your home. Your furnace and a/c unit will not run correctly or efficiently if they are dirty.

Behind the Fridge

Pull the fridge out and make sure to clean behind it. Most families store at least a few things on top of the fridge which makes it super easy for stuff to fall behind there and get forgotten about. Sometimes spills are on the sides or underneath too.

Behind and Beside the Stove

Unless you have a freestanding stove, the same is true for it. Food particles, silverware and even that brand new bottle of garlic powder you just bought can all fall behind and beside the stove. Pull it out away from the wall and give it a good clean.

Dryer Vent

You clean your dryer’s lint trap with every load, but when is the last time you cleaned the dryer vent itself? Even though this vent leads outdoors, they typically still see build up of lint and dust over time.

Under Sinks

How many unused cleaners do you have under your sink? Probably quite a few along with who knows what else? Don’t skip cleaning under every sink in your home and while you’re at it, either use or toss all those open bottles.

The Fridge Coils

While you have your fridge pulled away from the wall to clean behind it, don’t forget to clean off the refrigerator coils. Doing so will allow the fridge to cool more efficiently.

Under the Deck

If your home has an outdoor deck or raised porch, be sure to clean under it. Animals, trash and other humans can make it a pretty cluttered space. While you’re down there, be sure to look for signs of damage whether it be damage caused by age, weather or pests.

Your Outdoor Crawl Space

The same can be said for an outdoor crawl space if your home has one. Don’t forget to give it a once over. This one is especially important since animals may be getting into it. Small rodents may actually be able to use this area as a way to enter your home. By cleaning it up a bit, you’ll be removing anything that may attract them.

The doors in your home

We touch the doors in our homes daily, but few people don’t think much past cleaning the doorknobs when the doors themselves can get dusty, dingy and if you have kids, flat out dirty. Give them a good wiping down with a paint safe cleaner. Don’t forget the top of the doors too. They may not be easily seen but they can build dust very quickly.

Heating and A/C Vents

If your home has the heating and a/c vents in the floor, you’ll want to pull the grates and clean them out when you are doing your spring cleaning. Not only can dust gather in them, but small toys, food particles and more can all fall into them.

If you have ceiling vents, you will still want to remove the cover and give them a good dusting. This is especially true for your air intake vent. If it is not properly cleaned, your furnace and a/c will need to run harder to cool or heat your home.

Your Computer Fan

Inside each computer is a fan that will get extremely dusty very quickly. While we do not recommend taking your computer apart, you should look on the back of a desktop or side of a laptop. Using a soft brush, clean off any surface dust that may have accumulated on the outside of the fan.

If you do want the inside fan cleaned, it is best to take it to someone who has experience doing so. Best Buy’s Geek Squad is always a decent option for a reasonable price.

Your Phone 

Most people won’t think of cleaning their phone as part of cleaning, but if it has been a while, you will want to include it in your spring cleaning list. Clean and disinfect the screen and back of your phone. Use a soft, microfiber cloth to wipe down the camera lenses and clean out the charging port and headphone jacks.

Your phone will work much better and last longer once you’ve given it a gentle clean.

These 12 easy to miss areas in your cleaning routine are a good place to start. Some of them I do weekly while others like the lint vent we do monthly, and pulling out the stove is usually a quarterly clean. How often are you cleaning them?


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