June 18

Here are 12 Food Sales You Need to Stock Up On Now

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I love cooking in the kitchen and I always make sure to have a well-stocked pantry and refrigerator. One of my favorite ways to save money is by stocking up on food sales, but it can be hard to find which items are actually worth buying. Luckily, I’ve done all the work for you! Check out this list of 12 Food Sales You Need To Stock Up On while they are on sale!

There are a lot of reasons one might want to stock up on food, but the biggest is usually to build a food stockpile in order to fight rising food prices. Others might stock up due to worries about shortages or extreme weather. Still others may enjoy stocking simply for finding the deals. No matter why you’re stocking up on food, these eleven food sales are the ones you should always put to use when you find them.


Pasta is a staple in most households and luckily, it has an almost indefinite shelf life. This makes it very easy to store and very easy to stock up on. Whenever you find pasta at a price of less than $0.60 per pound, you’ll want to stock up on it. If you eat gluten free pasta only, $1.75 a pound is a great stock up price for it. To store it so that it lives up to its shelf life, keep it in a temperature controlled pantry away from light, moisture and insects.


Rice is another food with an almost indefinite shelf life and even though it is cheap to begin with, you should stock up on it when you find a sale. For white rice, stock up anytime you can get it at $0.50/lb or less. For brown rice, jump your stock up price to $0.75/lb or less. Keep in mind that brown rice does not store nearly as long as white rice, however, the shelf life of brown rice is long enough to warrant stocking up on several bags.


During the weeks leading up to major baking holidays such as Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas, flour has a tendency to go on sale. If you do a lot of baking or use flour in regular cooking, you’ll want to make sure to use these sales to your advantage and stock up. This is the perfect time to stock up on flours of all sorts. Flour will store for years if kept away from light, insects and moisture making it the perfect stock up food. For regular all-purpose flour, anything less than $1.50/lb should be considered a major stock up price.


Meat is one of the most expensive parts of your grocery budget so anytime you find a great sale, make sure to stock up. Stocking meat can be hard, however, if you do not have freezer space. If this is the case, learning how to preserve it can often be the answer to allowing you to stock up at the sale price without needing to take up freezer space. If you do have extra freezer space, be sure to vacuum seal or otherwise wrap it in order to keep it as fresh as possible for as long as possible.


Canned vegetables go on sale a lot throughout the year but the sale price will vary depending on the time of year. If your family commonly eats canned vegetables, watch for sales that will let you stock up for less than $0.45 per can. For frozen vegetables, try to stock up anytime they are under $1.00 per bag. You can also buy fresh vegetables in bulk and can them yourself. 

Canned Soups 

Most kids love chicken noodle soup or grilled cheese and tomato soup. Lots of recipes call for cream of mushroom or cream of chicken soup. This makes canned soups a great sale to stock up on when you find them. Since canned soups can be purchased cheap at stores such as Aldi, you should aim for a stock up price of less than $0.30 per can for name brand soups or $0.20 per can for generic. I’m not going to lie, I prefer making a big batch of soup and freezing the excess but this is good if you are stocking up for a disaster.

Kids Snacks

Your kids will revolt if they don’t have snacks and since most kids snacks are shelf stable, you will want to consider stocking up on them as you find sales. Stock up prices will differ for each item, however, try to find prices that are lower than the normal price by at least $1.00 per item. Adjust that as needed, however, if the savings is less than $0.50 per item, it is not really a savings. In cases such as that, it is clever marketing.

Bottled or Canned Drinks

You can stockpile all the food you want, but if you have nothing to drink, you’re going to be very uncomfortable. Whenever you find a good price on things such as bottled juices, bottle water or your favorite bottled coffee, build a stockpile for it. We bought an Alexapure water purifier because of hurricane season (and we like filtered water.) We also keep bottled waters and powdered drinks to add to them. That was a cheaper option for us. 


Like flour, sugar goes on sale during heavy baking seasons. Since sugar needs no other preservation aside from being kept dry; it’s perfect for stocking up on. A great way to gauge how much you’ll need is to figure out how much you will use for your holiday baking then buy double that amount.


Real butter adds amazing flavor to your recipes, but it can also add real costs to your grocery lists. Since regular prices for butter can run as high as $6.00/lb, stock up when you find it priced at 30% of less of your regular price. For those that would prefer an actual price point, $1.99/lb is a great jumping off point for stocking up on butter. To help it last longer without spoiling, freeze it.

Cream Cheese

Another holiday baking sale, cream cheese can run as high as $2.99/lb depending on your brand. Find it for less than $1.00/lb and grab more than you need. Cream cheese freezes very well which will help it last longer than it would in the fridge.

Canned Beans

Beans are my favorite because they are so nutritious and have a long shelf life. You can eat them hot or in an emergency you can eat them cold. Beans provide plenty of complex carbohydrates, fiber, protein, potassium, and various trace nutrients, such as magnesium. You can usually find these at a good deal and stores regularly put them on sale. One of ours does buy one get one free often.

We hope you found this list of 12 food sales to be helpful. The best way to save money on groceries is by stocking up when the price drops, and we’ve provided a few examples for you here. However, it can also be worth your time to search for coupons or subscribe to grocery delivery services like Amazon Fresh so that you don’t waste any time searching through sale ads while in the store. Let us know your favorite items to stock up on!



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