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12 Tips to Organize Your Small Pantry


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A well-organized pantry is a dream for any kitchen. It saves time, energy, and money when you can find what you need without having to search every inch of the cupboard. Whether your space is large or small, here are some tips to make it easier.

You need to start with sorting through everything in your pantry and throw out anything that has expired or isn’t regularly used. This will give you an idea of how much room you have available for storing new items if needed!

Put like groceries together on shelves so they’re easy to grab. You can also store similar foods in glass jars with tight-fitting lids if there’s not enough shelving space – these are perfect for things like pasta sauce, chips, etc.

If you have a small pantry and need more space, there are things you can do. A small pantry doesn’t equal defeat, it just means you need to come up with some ideas to optimize that small pantry of yours. Look at your small pantry as a challenge. There are so many things you can do to make sure that space is working in your favor. Check out these tips to organize your small pantry.

Use bins when you can

When you’re looking at a pantry and can’t figure out where to put stuff, it’s time to think outside of the box. Think bins! You can easily store items in your pantry with bins. It’s also really easy to be organized whenever you use bins. You can even use Dollar Tree bins to organize the pantry.

Use up all the space

The really crazy thing about a pantry is that there is a lot of space in there. One tip to organizing a small pantry is to use up space. Look in all of the corners and don’t let any amount of space go to waste. I love these 8 smart storage ideas for little pantries.

Redo the pantry shelves

One thing I’ve noticed about a small pantry is every single one is different. If you want to organize the pantry, then maybe it’s time to redo the pantry shelves. There are so many pantry shelving options. In fact, you can check out these pantry shelving options.

Go for an expandable shelf

Think about it. When you have a small pantry, one of the best things you can do is buy expandable shelves. Expandable shelves are really cool because you can custom buy them to your pantry. They add a lot more space! I love these expandable shelves because you actually see the items that are in your pantry.

Use lettering for labeling

There are so many options for labeling pantry items these days. You can buy your own labeler if you’d like. If you have a silhouette, you can use paper to create your own labeling letters. You can also buy blank labeling tags to help you get that small pantry of yours organized.

Invest in swiveling storage

Think about it, if you don’t have a lot of space, sometimes you need to invest in swivel storage. Swivel storage is something that you can buy for your pantry. You can swivel it around to obtain what you need in the pantry. It works great for small pantries because you’re able to see everything you need or want.

Color coordinate your pantry

When you don’t have a lot of choices for organization of a small pantry, sometimes you just need to start small. One way to do this is by color coordinating your pantry. You can use this tip how you’d like. Here are a few tips on how to organize your space by color.

Utilize vertical space where you can

A lot of people don’t think about organizing their small pantry in a vertical manner. If you don’t have a lot of small horizontally, then don’t be afraid to go vertically. There are many vertical shelf options for a pantry that you can buy or even make.

Use the pantry door

If you have a pantry door that closes into the pantry, it’s time to take advantage of it. You can get an over the door organizer to help store some of your pantry items. Sometimes when you have a small pantry, you have to take advantage of weird spaces.

Clear the clutter once a month

Although you’d hate to admit it, sometimes your small pantry just has too much clutter in it. It’s a smart move to make it a point to declutter that space at least once a month. Mark it on your counter. The more you’re able to get rid of in your pantry, the more space you’ll have!

Utilize clear storage containers

What’s the point in using containers if you can’t see what’s in them? You can really organize your small pantry by utilizing clear storage containers. These clear storage containers will help you feel more organized too!

12. Two-tiered stands to the rescue

Really want to get that small pantry organized? Make sure you take advantage of two-tiered stands. These stands can help you get that pantry of yours organized in no time. It’s wonderful to know you have two levels to get everything organized.

If you’re looking for pantry ideas, I’ve collected the best ideas for you. When it comes to a small pantry, you don’t want to miss out on optimal storage space. If you have any ideas, I’d love to hear from you.


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