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Best Ways to Organize Your Jewelry


Many of us love jewelry. It doesn’t matter if we have a lot of it already, the latest trends come out and we must update our collection. We need different items for each outfit, occasion, or day.

Best Ways to Organize Your Jewelry

Despite usually not having enough space to adequately store all the jewelry, we will continue to buy more. So what do we do when we run out of space or can’t ever find what we’re looking for?

So many jewelry organizers exist. It’s hard to know what will fit all your items and look nice in your space. Often, it requires a whole piece of furniture, it seems.

Here are some great options, if you’re looking for a new organizational system here are the Best Ways to Organize Your Jewelry:

Over the Door or On the Wall

The best part about this type of organizer is that it doesn’t take up any space on a surface. By either mounting it on the wall or hanging it over your closet door, you save your dressers or bureaus from more clutter.

This particular style has LED lights that turn on when you open the door, a mirror on the outside, and it’s lockable, to keep everything safe inside (or to protect everything from little fingers!). With places to hang just about any jewelry you have, plus a couple of small drawers, you will likely find a place for all your precious pieces.

Closet Organizers

If you want everything out of sight, but still very accessible, try a closet organizer. This particular one hangs on a hook or your closet pole (or wherever you need it to hang). It has clear pockets so you can see all your jewelry just by looking at it.

Some come with spots to hang necklaces so they don’t get tangled and some have lots of tiny pockets for all those tiny earrings. At an affordable price, you should be able to purchase a few to fit your needs.

Clear Organizers

A trendy style is the clear, acrylic organizers. Often, they are used for makeup, but some come with lined drawers that can also be used for jewelry.

Clear organizers can help make a space not look cluttered, since they don’t take as much visual space, but you can also see into them to know exactly which drawer you need.

Jewelry Armoire

If a small piece of furniture is what you need, a jewelry armoire can be both stylish and useful. With a lift up top with a mirror, a place for rings and other small jewelry items, multiple drawers, and pull outsides to hang necklaces, an armoire offers a variety of storage options and keeps all your jewelry out of sight and safe from the air.

Shelf and Hooks

For rooms with an abundance of wall space, a shelf might be a good answer for your necklaces and bracelets. This particular shelf has 26 separate hooks and you can hang just about anything on them.

The fact that there’s a shelf over the hooks means there is room for pictures, something decorative, perfume, or even other small jewelry organizers for your earrings.

Small Earring Organizer for a Shelf or Dresser

The shelf mentioned above would hold this organizer for earrings and short necklaces and make them look professionally displayed. It can hold both studs and hook earrings and you can attach any backs right on your earrings, once they are threaded through the hole.

Drawer Organizer

For the home not lacking in drawer space, this drawer organizer can be a lifesaver. With a low profile and a deep drawer, these organizers stack so that you can fit tons of jewelry in them.

With a variety of different styles for necklaces, small earrings, larger earrings, or bracelets, you won’t be at a loss for where to store anything.

 Repurpose Items You Have or Can Purchase Inexpensively

Thrift stores often have tons of beautiful picture frames for extremely affordable prices. You may already have quite a few that you don’t know what to do with.

If you want to create a vintage, but seamless look, consider grabbing a few different styles and spray painting them all white or at least the same color. Take the glass out and mount craft store chicken wire on the back of one, small hooks on the inside to the edge of one, and craft wire in a couple of lines across the third.

This method may not be ideal for your stud earrings, but your dangle earrings, necklaces, and bracelets should be perfectly mounted in the frames. If you don’t want to mount hooks in the frame, insert cork board covered with a beautiful or neutral fabric and use nails or push pins to hang your jewelry.

 Jewelry Box

A smaller version of the armoire, this particular jewelry box has five drawers, two wings that fold out for necklaces, and a top that opens with spots for rings and stud earrings. At least one of the drawers is deep enough to fit sunglasses while another drawer has a removable and closeable box that is perfect for tossing in a travel bag.

If you’re going to take up some space on a dresser or counter, at least make it pretty and able to hold as much as possible!

Out in the Open Organizer

For those of us who love our jewelry and want to display it proudly, find a display that looks professional. This tiered version has a spot for necklaces and bracelets, studs or hook earrings, and a tray at the bottom for rings or sunglasses.

The sleek design will keep you organized but contained. Sometimes it’s nice to be able to see all of your jewelry while you’re getting ready so that you can mentally pick out your accessories with a quick visual.

Whether you have a large assortment of jewelry or if you have managed to pare down your collection to a handful of classic pieces, a way to organize everything is usually a must. Keeping jewelry in the box it came in is a quick way to guarantee you will forget about some of your favorite pieces. So find a way that fits your lifestyle best and display (or hide) your jewelry proudly.



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