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Christmas Hacks 21 You Never Knew You Needed


Christmas Hacks 21 You Never Knew You Needed

Feeling overwhelmed by all of the holiday hassle? Many people tend to have higher expectations around the holiday season, which can mean extra work to make everything perfect. But, you don’t have to work hard (or break the bank) in order to spread Christmas cheer. Here are a few Christmas hacks you can use to make Christmas quick and easy.

Christmas tree hacks

Tree-Related Christmas Hacks

  • If you typically put your tree in the corner, you don’t have to wrap your lights all the way around the tree. Simply criss-cross the string across the portion of the tree that’s visible.
  • Store your ornaments in an egg carton. For larger ornaments, use plastic cups or coffee cans.
  • Use things like popcorn and cranberries along with some string or twine to make natural (and inexpensive) garland.
  • Take the bulbs off of your strings of lights and spray paint them gold or silver to make them stand out.
  • Use green tinsel to wrap around the inner branches of your tree to make it look fuller.
  • Make the tree taller by placing a milk crate or paint cans under the base, then hide them with a tree skirt.
  • Wrap Christmas lights around a hanger to keep them from getting tangled.

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Christmas hacks

Decoration-Related Christmas Hacks

  • Wrap your lights around a paper towel tube or part of a wrapping paper tube to store them once the season is over.
  • If you run out of hooks while you’re hanging up ornaments, try using twine or zip ties.
  • Wrap a bit of green garland around a tomato cage to create a quick and easy outdoor decoration.
  • Cover a couple of pool noodles with brown paper and paint them to look like a bundle of Christmas firewood.
  • Hang ornaments from a ceiling fan or light fixture to form a festive holiday chandelier.
  • You can run string through gingerbread cookies to make another decoration that looks good enough to eat.
  • Reuse your leftover Halloween pumpkins to make snowmen.
Gift related Christmas hacks

Gift-Related Christmas Hacks

  • Use double-sided tape while wrapping presents to add a professional touch to your gift wrapping.
  • You can make a simple snow globe using a Mason jar, some glitter, and a few small holiday-themed trinkets. These could work as a decoration as well as a personalized gift.

Check out this article from Shutterfly on how to make the Mason jar snow globe.
Snow globe without water



Food-Related Christmas Hacks

  • Fill squeezable ketchup or mustard bottles with icing to make cake or cookie decorating a snap.
  • If your slow cooker isn’t being used to make food for your Christmas feast, you can use it to make a big batch of Christmas morning hot cocoa.
  • Sprinkle a bit of cinnamon and clove into a pot of boiling water to fill your home with a festive holiday scent.
  • Spread out some whipped cream on a baking sheet, put it in the freezer, and use a cookie cutter to make festive hot chocolate “marshmallows.”
  • Pulverize candy canes and add them to glass rims for drinks, cookies, and so much more!

Of course, this is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to helpful Christmas hacks. Always be on the lookout for time-saving tips on the internet. Also look in magazines around the holiday season for inspiration. You never know when and where you might come across a great holiday hack-related idea.Food Related Christmas Hacks

These hacks will make that countdown clock not seem so daunting . Christmas Countdown Clock.


Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What are some of your best space-saving storage tips for Christmas decorations?

    If your Christmas decoration collection far exceeds the available holiday storage space you have, it’s time to reimagine smarter solutions. But with some savvy space-saving strategies, you can still reap festive seasonal magic without breaking the storage bank.

    Start by taking everything out and assessing what you truly love and use versus impulse buys that seemed fun. Edit ruthlessly to keep only most beloved ornaments and daily use holiday serving pieces. Donate extras in good shape to charity for others to enjoy.

    Group like items together and measure dimensions, then invest in stackable uniform clear totes sized specifically for each category. Flat slim boxes for delicate ornaments. Medium square tubs for wreaths and garlands secured upright. Oversize long rectangles for the tree itself. The see-through lid design allows glimpsing contents instantly when hunting for a particular wrapped gift or table runner.

    Utilize wall space for vertical storage possibilities also. Install industrial grid panels with pivoting arms that extend out while accessing then fold back flat. Angle tree toppers, wire sculpture displays and stockings on their sides to prevent toppling when accessing adjacent bins. Use colorful holiday wrapping paper inside the panels as a cheerful background disguising the contents.

    Alternate holiday decor with out of season clothing storage using vacuum seal bags to compress offseason sweaters and jackets down to compact squares, freeing up additional plastic totes for serving platters. The compressed clothing bags can stack neatly in a guest room closet.

    For smaller daily use holiday dishes and candleholders, store these creatively within open styled buffet cabinets or plate stands so they pull double style duty when on display in dining rooms or entries when not harboring meals. Wrap glass surfaces with painter’s tape to prevent scratches before sliding into crevices between larger plates and platters.

    With some measurements and creative stacking solutions, you can still unleash full holiday style splendor during prime seasonal celebrations without requiring a separate storage garage unit!

  • What household items can be repurposed creatively as holiday decor?

    Instead of investing in elaborate new holiday decor year after year, save your budget for special statement pieces slowly over time. For the bulk of merry making magic, look creatively around your home for everyday dishware, office supplies and craft stash items that lend festive flair when styled inventively. Soon your mantels and tablescapes glow cheery and bright with cleverly upcycled embellishments.

    Raid the pantry first for edible ornament inspiration. Slice citrus fruits like oranges and grapefruit ultra thin and allow to dehydrate completely for days until bone dry and flattened before stringing onto florist wire. Intermix dried orange slices with cinnamon sticks, whole nutmegs and cloves for fragrant organic garlands over doorways.

    Turn colorful enamelware mixing bowls bottoms up to display on counters filled with sparkling orbs. Use glass cake domes covering pedestal cake plates to stage concentric rings of glittery pine cones and fir sprigs topped with battery operated pillars for quick grocery store flower aisle ambience.

    Upcycle colorful sheet music or old book pages into free form table runner shapes, then decoupage with ModPodge onto plain pine plank strips from big box hardware stores. Use as runners down buffet tables or mantel protectors layered with votives and clustered pine. The neutral wood backdrop stages paper pops beautifully.

    Craft extra tree shapes from staggered heights of hardcover books wrapped in painter’s tape then covered with scrapbook paper or wrapping paper sheets to coordinate room colors. Buy a strand of 100 white lights with timer per “tree” for instant holiday magic.

    Tack up that leftover wool sweater coordination project gone wrong into a pom pom style stocking with scrap yarn to stuff contours or frame family photo booth style. Turn dud crafts into delightful holiday helpers as whimsical homespun wall art.

    Get inspired gazing around the household landscape already surrounding you. Those forgotten objects itching for some reinvented holiday action just might turn into your most complimented handcrafted Christmas cheer anchors yet!

  • How can I simplify and reduce stress around holiday meal preparation and hosting?

    Instead of exhausting yourself trying to tackle elaborate from-scratch holiday feasts solo, simplify the planning using time-saving store bought assists. Focus energy more on joyful decor touches, meaningful conversations with guests and favorite seasonal music that sets a festive mood.

    Start weeks ahead by selecting your holiday menu strategically. Choose dishes featuring a few star staple homemade dishes you excel at such as a show stopping prime rib roast or velvety potato gratin. Compliment them with easy no-fuss sides like roasted seasonal vegetables or simple buttered green beans requiring only fresh prep and roasting on a preheated sheet pan.

    Round out the meal beautifully with easy elegant extras from your grocer’s prepared foods section like roasted autumnal root vegetables, fresh cranberry relish and fluffy dinner rolls or muffins needing just a short rewarm. For dreamy dessert without the fuss, order mini French pastries, chocolate dipped fruit skewers or a whole decadent cheesecake.

    To create the ambiance of a gourmet multi-dish feast without as many pots clanging, utilize chafing dishes with fuel gel beneath elegant serving containers to elevate buffet presentation. Place dishes inside, then top lids to meld flavors as you put finishing touches on the home. Light fuel to keep warm up to 4 hours.

    For beverage convenience, consider serving seasonal punches, hot spiced ciders or mulled wines made from mixes just requiring guest alcohol additions for custom strength. Set up beverage bars with arrays of garnishes, sugars, nutmeg and cinnamon sticks for individual flair versus playing feverish bartender all night.

    To maximize mingling versus kitchen confinement, take advantage of paper plates, napkins and tableware for fuss-free cleanup or enlist help with clearing dishes occasionally. Encourage potluck style contributions suited to any allergy considerations of your guest list. Simplifying the plan prevents holiday hosting burnout!

  • What are some great ways to up-cycle Christmas cards or other paper goods creatively?

    Instead of tossing out lovely holiday cards after the season ends, prolong their charm by getting crafty with post-holiday projects putting leftover paper goods to fabulous use. With some clever snipping, folding, gluing and embellishing, those red, green and gold greeting gems transform into delightful upcycled accents.

    Start a tradition of stitching favorites into swap-style quilt squares each year. Sew into blanket sizes over time or display in a patchwork collage wall frame. Coordinate stitches and backing colors to the cards’ existing hues – metallic gold threads with red/green patterns or burgundy embroidery floss on creamy white based scenes.

    See each card as scrapbooking fodder for next year’s holiday cards! Cut outixels or full snowy landscapes to decoupage onto card bases bought in bulk. Layer die cut patterns over natural pine twigs under glass domes for organic holiday shadow boxes. Use circle punches on groups of carolers to create sweet peak-a-boo floating window rounds revealing the faces behind.

    Upcycle photos of loved ones by printing onto cardstock cut into tree shapes then layering onto wood rounds purchased at big box craft stores. Add ribbon hangers to display as endearing rustic holiday ornaments mixing memories and card craftiness.

    For kids, help them glue cut out card characters onto wooden clothespins transformed into one-of-a-kind magnets by covering the metal spring portions with patterned washi tape. Let kids showcase their Santa, snowman or elf magnet menageries on the refrigerator or metal craft cabinetry proud as can be!

    If less about complex projects and more about organizing, consider mounting compact metal pegs in the wall near your holiday stationery. As cards arrive before the big day, display them art gallery style using mini wooden clothespins clipped to notes, envelopes and images worthy of brief showcase before they get archived away into memory keepsake books. With a little creativity, each colorful, joy-filled holiday paper goodie enjoys extended seasonal stardom!

  • How early should I buy gifts if I want to spread out spending?

    The expense of holiday gift giving can feel suddenly stressful when left all to the few weeks right before celebration crunch time. By planning ahead and pacing spending throughout the year, you prevent painful bills from piling up rapidly come December.

    Think ahead to occasions gifting tends to spike on from birthdays to Mother’s Day to holiday centerpieces now occupying summer craft stalls already. Make a list by recipient with dollar amount ranges you aim to spend for each special VIP – children, parents, romantic partner, BFFs. Track total budget by category like Kids, Adults, Couples, Co-workers.

    Open a specific holiday savings account and have automatic monthly transfers go in building up funds over the year. When you spot an ideal gift for someone in July, you grab good deals ahead with budgeted savings versus ringing up high rate credit debt.

    For Christmas specifically, take advantage of post-season sales as early as December 26th to buy beautiful wrap, ribbons, gift card holders and holiday cards at 50-75% off for next year’s gifting. Shop multiple big box stores and online retailers for best across the board deals on decor essentials easily stored until 2023 rolls around.

    Throughout the year, keep an eye out for clever gifts coming across your Instagram feed perfect for quirky cousins and grandparents not expecting the usual ties or candles. Unique food gifts, custom reversible blankets printed with old family photos and personalized holiday ornaments arrive much quicker ordering early before holiday shipment delays stack up.

    For DIY gifts made throughout the year, keep craft and hobby store discounts in mind when restocking sewing notions, wood carving tools or jewelry making findings anticipating handmade holidays ahead. Purchase cellophane wrapping supplies, embellishments and gift tags in summer for ready-to-assemble creations coming together later avoiding the scramble rush ordering last minute missing pieces.

    With mindful year-round shopping and watchful budget tracking, you prevent painful bills from hijacking all the magical memories built during special end of year gatherings. Gift buying stays merry and bright all season long!

  • What are easy ways to hand-make personalized gifts on a budget?

    For heartfelt gifts that become beloved keepsakes beyond the usual store bought options, turn get crafty translating simple materials into custom masterpieces cherished because you infused time, effort and personal touches.

    Raid your fabric stash for pretty printed quilting cottons. Sew into drawstring gift bags or mini tissue holders using half yard cuts. AddRecipients’ initials stitched on the flap or accented with buttons. Use complementary calico cotton on reverse for stability and to secretly secure messy raw edges.

    Utilize single sheets of scrapbook paper cardstock cut into ornament shapes then decorate fronts adhering photos of special memories together. Embellish edges with metallic rickrack ribbon and top hangers with string or twine. Tiny handmade touchpoints displaying dear moments far outshine generic box store baubles.

    Gift cozy custom mugs personalized on the cheap using permanent vinyl and an electronic cutting machine like a Cricut. Design monograms, inside joke catchphrases or current year graphics to apply to plain solid color mugs ordered in sets online. Use the machine to also cut iron-on shapes for DIY kitchen tea towels or napkins.

    Wrap combination gifts of homemade treats by category. Bake up personalized recipe collections into pretty printed cookbooks using an online self publishing platform like Mixbook. Pair with seasonal ingredients and cute kitchen gadgets like gingerbread decorating kits, cookie cutters, nutmeg graters or vanilla caviar beads.

    Create theme baskets around interests besides just assorted food items. Know a bookworm? Fill with book accessories like fabric page weights, bookmarks, book lights and fancy booksleeves. For the fitness junkie – resistance bands, infuser water bottles, fitness tracker charging pads. Tailor basket contents around the recipient.

    Though homemade gifts require more effort upfront, the personal significance far outweighs grabbing another generic something in passing for people you adore. Show you care through gifts creatively curated just for them.

  • What clever gift wrapping shortcuts can save me time and money?

    Instead of breaking the holiday gift budget on rolls of fancy paper destined for the recycling bin, take inspiration from what already surrounds you at home to conceal presents in clever disguises built right into the packaging. With some reusable containers, fabric scraps and natural embellishments, your gifts receive the royal treatment without piles of waste.

    Start stashing empty cardboard food shipping boxes as they arrive throughout the year. Cereal, crackers and pasta boxes of all sizes stack neatly when flattened. Wrap gifts to dimensions first with tissue paper, then conceal inside appropriate size boxes wrapped selectively with colorful scrapbook paper or pages from old atlases and dictionaries. Recycle internally!

    Wrap shoebox sized items creatively in lovely vintage scarves from a secondhand store instead of paper to reveal contents uniquely. Secure with embellished pins or fabric flowers. Large statement necklaces pinned around toppers add glam too. Fold colorful bandanas into origami shapes or decorative bows atop boxes as organic lifts.

    For gardeners, crafters or tea lovers – line wire garden baskets with colorful tea towels then nest gifts inside tied up with raffia ribbons. Mini terracotta pots nested into wider ones conceal sweet treats beneath faux eucalyptus sprigs and natural jute. The plant based vessels become delightful post-reveal storage long term.

    Turn spare ceramic floor tiles into custom wrapping stations. Cover basic brown kraft paper rolls with mod podge then adhere tiles spaced out artfully for a beautiful textured wrap that coordinates room to room depending on tile choice. Finish edges with jute seam binding tape used in quilting or metallic ribbon.

    With some clever disguises, you transform packaging on hand at home into festive presentation builds ready to stash under trees or on entry console tables sure to ignite smiles, curiosity and joy when recipients unwrap your homemade holiday helpers.

  • What unusual or surprising uses for common pantry items do you recommend for holiday baking?

    When prepping for marathon seasonal baking sessions, take a fresh look at oft-overlooked pantry items that lend surprising benefits beyond usually thought of uses. From eggshells to pineapple juice to vanilla beans, incorporate clever twists that level up everything from sugar cookies to gingerbread.

    Start by saving eggshells year round, then baking off shells completely to sterilize before blending into ultra fine powders. Add a teaspoon per cup of all purpose flour when mixing cookie dough, cake batters or pie crusts. The extra calcium enriches while the fine grit texture cuts gluten strands for tender results. The slight boost prevents brittle cookies or tough pie crust edges.

    Drain and reduce leftover pineapple juice from canning into simple syrup concentrates used to brush over bundt cakes before glazing for tropical flair. Or mix 2 tablespoons per cup of powdered sugar for piña colada inspired icings pairing beautifully with coconut, gingerbread and spice cakes. Intensify flavors and reduce waste simultaneously.

    Scrape out the tiny seeds inside vanilla beans after splitting pods lengthwise for recipes. But don’t toss pods! Bury them bottom side down into your sugar bin to infuse mellow essence naturally over a week or two before refreshing. Perfect for dusting holiday cookies, rimmed hot toddy mugs and more.

    Get extra mileage from festive nuts like pecans, walnuts and almonds. Toast them in the oven with spices like cinnamon, nutmeg and allspice until deep brown and fragrant before adding to cookie doughs, cakes or stuffings. The extra roast builds rich notes perfect alongside pumpkin, carrot cake and chocolate desserts.

    With some resourceful kitchen creativity putting existing ingredients to surprising new uses, you unlock new potential from humble pantry items easily on hand for joyful holiday recipes made merry and bright.

  • How can I use holiday lights in creative ways beyond the tree for extra festive home decor?

    Once you’ve adorned the evergreen with an elegant glow, extend holiday lighting magic all around the home to set other clever corners sparkling. With some creative mounting and anchoring materials beyond basic hooks, those extra light strands morph into delightful design statements beyond the tree trimmings.

    Consider encircling entryways first for gorgeous welcoming ambience. Secure lights to entry columns or railings with clear removable mounting putty. Outline front doors with cascading curls of lights hanging from tiny roof overhangs. Adhere putty to lamps posts or porch ceiling corners too anchoring diagonal swoops of lights across surfaces for dimensional dazzle.

    Use extra hooks along interior stair railing posts to create vertical glow lanes guests follow up and down, especially pretty on steps with solid risers concealing cords. Accent with festive greenery banisters for immersive experiences. Extend lights up the edges of stair stringers also if exposed underneath.

    In living spaces, twist lights securely onto lamp stands stacked with hardcover books to mimic glowing trees. Wind them into reclaimed wood candle rings or around hurricane lamps filled with seasonal floral clippings and fruit slices. Outline mirrors above fireplace mantels or console tables with cascading light lines reflected infinitely.

    For centerpiece displays, fill wide clear glass cylinders from craft stores with extra plump ornament baubles then drop light strands vertically down the center. Scatter crystalline beads, twinkling tea lights and holographic ribbon at the outer base for shimmer. The cylinder glass both protects and displays lights in center areas safely.

    With clever anchoring solutions and pared down accents to stage, holiday lighting easily doubles down on seasonal sparkle impact inside and outside of home spaces when draped and mounted inventively beyond typical tree triage. Joyful brightness spreads wider!

  • What festive holiday cocktails or hot drinks can I make at home for a fraction of going out?

    Skip $14 specialty holiday beverages and lean into the full cozy bar experience without huge tabs by creating magical hot and boozy drinks at home instead. Whether hosting happy hour friends or lounging in PJs by the fire, just a few affordable fresh ingredients transform into swanky libations minus steep menu markups.

    Preheat a slow cooker and fill with fresh apple cider, leaving room for additions. Experiment with flavor variations from apple cranberry to peach pear ginger to basic cinnamon. Choose harmonizing multi packs of flavored brandy or whiskey as mixers for custom seasonal punch sure to impress.

    For rich nightcap style winter warmer sippers, heat milk or non-dairy substitutions in a saucepan until steaming. Stir in dark brown sugar or honey and spices like cardamom and nutmeg until dissolved. Then pour warmed liquid into irish coffee glasses with ice cubes and float 1-2 ounces whiskey, rum or amaretto. All that’s missing is the snifter!

    Elevate hot chocolate into grown up holiday bliss by infusing milk or cream with chopped dark chocolate on the stove. When melted and smooth, transfer to a mixing glass and blend in your choice of coffee liqueur, hazelnut liqueur or orange flavored brandy using desired ratios. Top with fresh whipped cream and cocoa powder.

    Or channel Parisian cafe vibes minus the flight using ingredients on hand to create homemade lavender vanilla steamed milk. Warm milk or non dairy milk gently with dried culinary lavender and split vanilla beans. Strain through a metal mesh sieve. Then using an espresso machine steamer, aerate into foamy bliss. Sweeten lightly and dust with cocoa.

    For festive holiday mocktails, fill Collins glasses with sparkling juice or seltzer over ice. Skewer fresh fruit wedges or winter citrus slices as garnish. Float dried hibiscus flowers for pink hued glasses or fresh rosemary sprigs for herbal notes in zero proof drinks everyone can sip on together. Group glasses over votive candles for bonus twinkle. The bar magic multiplies serving refined seasonal beverages without blowing budgets or workweek sobriety goals. Cheers!

  • Do you have clever ideas for DIY holiday advent calendars for kids or adults?

    Repurposing household items into homemade advent calendars makes for priceless, interactive displays counting down to Christmas or Hanukkah.

    Start stashing small jewelry or gift boxes year-round to glue together into a grid of 25 boxes on a festively wrapped baseboard. Fill each box with scrolls of holiday jokes, trivia or sweet messages for kids to discover together each morning.

    Turn wood key holders or wall racks into delightful sleighs loaded with surprise-filled fabric socks for kids to unpack daily, filled with activities, cocoa packets or mini candy canes to hang as garlands. Number each stocking so kids can find the corresponding calendar date’s surprise.

    For adults, fill numbered box drawers with mini liquor bottles, cocktail mixers or shot-sized treats bought in affordable airline sets. Jewelry box advent calendars could even be reused later for trinket storage.

    Craft boards with rows of tiny metal hooks to hang edible surprises like numbered soup, dip or cider packets. Or fill miniature mason jars with a progression of festive spices like cinnamon, nutmeg and star anise.

    The key is creatively repurposing household boxes and containers into numbered surprise-holders. Filling them with delightful mini gifts, candies or activities heightens the anticipation leading up to the winter holidays for both children and adults alike.

    Homemade advent calendars amplify seasonal excitement without costly store-bought kits. They transform objects already on hand into interactive displays that build anticipation and bring added joy to each day leading up to the most wonderful time of the year.

  • How can I use holiday ornament shapes in innovative ways beyond the tree?

    Once you’ve lavishly decorated the evergreen to the hilt, extend all those leftover glass orb and tree-esque baubles into inspiring additional holiday accents throughout the home. With some non-traditional styling and clever display tactics in unexpected places, those extra bangles and sparkling shapes transform into magical design extras.

    Consider clustering shiny Fill clear glass cylinders or extra tall hurricane vases with leftover tree balls to create gorgeous centerpieces without flowers needed. Use removable florist putty to secure orbs in place halfway up vessels, then pour rest of the way with silver beebalm filler accented with fresh pine cuttings, holly stems, eucalyptus sprigs or glittery branches.

    Nestle single extra large tree ornaments into wall sconces normally holding candles for quirky framed “art”. Hang concentric circles of graduated sizes overhead in entryways or hallways twisting slowly for dimensional dazzle. Group themed colors together in threes down a stairway with LED remote control puck lights beneath on a dimmer. Show off shiny red lacquered spheres in the dining room versus icy blue glass teardrops suspended in bedroom doorways.

    Fill giant glass apothecary jars with bulk metallic bead garlands and extra baubles submerged halfway. Arrange jars atop stacks of decorative coffee table books next to where guests sit. The glass containers become lovely light catchers making ornaments enjoy year round stardom.

    Stick removable adhesive hooks vertically up the insides of kitchen cabinet doors normally hiding away unseen. Use hooks to display glass icicle shapes, tree teardrops or decorative clusters of beaded berries. Then keep doors wide open for parties to see the festive hidden gems inside.

    With some clever repurposing, those leftover trimmings transform from asy unadorned storage occupants into inspiring holiday highlights yet again!

  • What are some clever stocking stuffer ideas beyond small toys and candy?

    Instead of defaulting to toys and treats, fill stockings with practical items your gift recipients can actually use. Tailor categories by recipient likes including beauty boosters, office zen, relaxation routines or foodie favorites.

    For the busy body always on the go, tuck in transit hydration helpers like electrolyte powder packs, insulated stainless steel straws, reusable heat resistant coffee cups, snack protein bars and antibacterial hand gel tubes. Help them energize healthily during demanding days.

    For those working overtime during the holidays, provide deskside assistance like mini automatic timed desk lamps, wrist rest memory foam cushions, reusable wipe off calendars and schedules, fidget smooth sensory stones and inspirational workspace quotes to refresh resolves when energy flags.

    To promote relaxation and rest amidst holiday hustle, line stockings with lavender eye masks, soothing sleep mist pillow sprays, soft earbud headphones, herbal sleepytime tea bags, fuzzy mini slippers and handheld mini massagers to rub worries away in moments of quiet. Provide excuse for calming respite.

    Appeal to foodie stocking holders with adjustable measuring spoon sets, silicone baking mats sized for microwave mug recipes, festive coffee syrup vials, insulated stainless speckled straws, chopstick sets, flavor infuser tea steepers and reusable produce bags for sustainable grocery runs even through the new year ahead.

    For beauty fans, pack in sheet masks, nail files, cuticle creams, single use hair treatment ampoules, exfoliating skin scrubs, teeth whitening pen touch ups, facial cleansing spin brushes, scented hand cream tubes and headband spa sets promising at home pampering amid the frantic holiday pace.

    With thoughtful organization around recipients interests, you transform utilitarian stockings into memorable gift events overflowing with goodies they’ll actually appreciate and use long beyond unwrapping day.

  • How early should holiday cards be mailed and other important deadlines?

    Getting ahead of important holiday mailing and shipping deadlines ensures your thoughtful packages, presents and Christmas cards arrive in time. Check suggested send-by dates and allow buffer room for inevitable postal slowdowns as volume spikes.

    For holiday cards specifically, aim to mail by no later than December 10th to reach most continental destinations before Christmas. Printed return address and recipient addresses are essential versus handwriting!

    If creating photo holiday cards for loved ones, order early and mail them off before December 1st. Custom stationery usually can’t speed through automated sorters as quickly.

    Order Christmas stamps directly through the United State Postal Service website rather than vendor marketplaces. USPS offers great online postage printing options directly from home. Weighing cards to exactly one ounce using a digital kitchen scale saves money versus guessing and overpaying!

    For care packages and holiday gift shipments, pick priority express by December 19th for guaranteed U.S. arrival before Christmas Eve. USPS Retail Ground needs to ship by December 16th. Confirm directly with UPS and FedEx as private carriers will likely have fluctuating deadlines.

    When shipping items yourself, watch out for dimensional weight charges. Bulky and heavy gifts cost more requiring complex box reinforcements and extra delivery effort. Compare total shipping estimates across carriers before dropping off including surcharges. Insure valuable contents requiring signatures.

    With proper preparation and vigilant attention to mailing deadlines, your thoughtful envelopes and packages will arrive in time!

  • What advice do you have for reducing waste and excess during the holidays?

    The winter holidays generate substantial additional waste from disposable packaging, wrapping paper, and increased food volumes. However, with purposeful planning, you can have a more eco-friendly, minimalist celebration that focuses on togetherness rather than overconsumption.

    For gifts, use reusable packaging like custom cloth bags or knitted sets from recycled yarns. For purchased gifts, reuse bags, shred inserts for packing, and use compostable packing peanuts. Sew gift tag loops from fabric scraps rather than plastic versions.

    To reduce party waste, use reusable dinnerware rather than disposables destined for landfills. Rent dish-ware for large gatherings to avoid expanding personal collections. Organize potlucks to curb costs.

    When cooking, stick to a grocery list and confirm adequate freezer space to prevent food spoilage. Repurpose leftovers into versatile dishes through the new year. Compost waste properly.

    For decor, choose reusable vintage and handmade goods over new plastic items that persist in landfills. Repurpose envelopes, cards, and other paper goods into ornaments rather than discarding after the season. Unplug light strands when not in use to save energy.

    The goal is to refocus the season on valued time with loved ones rather than material excess destined for landfills.


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