February 14

Cut Utility Costs -7 Immediate Steps That Will Help You


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7 Immediate Steps That Will Help You Cut Utility Costs

Are your utility costs pulling you under? Do you feel like there isn’t enough in your budget each month to keep the lights on? With utility costs always increasing, you might be looking for ways to cut utility costs. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to cut those utility costs without forgoing the services all together. Look below at 7 immediate steps that will help you cut utility costs, and see how easy it can be to save each month on those utility bills.

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1. Seal all window cracks.

If you have old or drafty windows, you are making your furnace or air conditioner work even harder. That means more money out of your pocket. Now is the time to seal all window cracks and prevent drafts. A simple caulking kit can help you get the job done, prevent further leaks, and save you some cash.

2. Use draft blockers in doorways.

If your home has older doors or doors that aren’t fitted properly, you are once again making your air conditioner or furnace work even harder. If replacing the door isn’t feasible at this time, use a draft blocker. You can make your own by filling a tube sock with dried rice, tying it closed, and placing it at the base of the door to prevent leaks.

3. Utilize a smart thermostat.

Use a thermostat that sets the temperature based on the time of day and your needs. For example you can set the thermostat to a cooler temperature at night when no one is awake, and set it to a more comfortable temp during the day when people are more active. Keep an eye on your thermostat daily to make sure it isn’t running any harder than it needs to.

4. Check your large appliances for efficiency.

Many older appliances aren’t as efficient as the newer models. See if any local appliance stores offer free or cheap inspections. It may actually be worth replacing the old appliance for a more efficient model, and you may even get a trade-in offer for the appliance you are getting rid of.

5. Call your utility companies for a chat!

Call your utility companies as ask about any recent price increases. You may be able to negotiate a lower bill, or get tips on how to cut back your bill. See if your utility companies offer a discount if you pay online, or use automatic billing as well.

6. Use overhead fans.

Overhead ceiling fans are a great way to reduce heating and cooling costs. During the winter they can be set to push warm air downward, while during the summer they can be used to circulate the cool air. If you have a ceiling fan, use it before adjusting the thermostat.

7. Place all lighting devices on timers.

Leaving lights on when no one is in the room is a huge waste of resources. Instead, place lights on timers set to turn off at a certain time of day. Using energy-efficient light bulbs are also a great way to keep costs down during your day to day usage.

8. Let the light in.

Keep curtains open during the day so that sunlight can come in and gently warm the space. Close curtains at night to help keep drafts out.

Are you ready to be more efficient while also saving money on your monthly utility bills? Consider these 7 immediate steps that will help you cut utility costs, and see how easy it can be to get those bills down.


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