June 18

Dollar Tree Faux Sea Glass Jars For Any Beachy Decor


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Are you looking for a unique way to add that beachy feel to your home? Dollar Tree has the perfect solution! These Dollar tree faux sea glass jars are a fun and creative way to make any room look like it’s right on the beach. 

Dollar Tree Faux Sea Glass Jars

I admit that I’m pretty lucky, I live only five minutes from the beach and in Florida we have beach decor up year round. While I do love to go and collect sea glass on the beach, I also like to craft and paint jars to look like sea glass. This is a fun and easy craft that even the kids can help with.

If you are looking for a way to spruce up your beach themed room, then we have just the thing for you! These faux sea glass jars from Dollar Tree can be used to hold anything from flowers and candles to seashells. Check out the pictures below of how beautiful they look when made into vases. 

Dollar Tree Faux Sea Glass Jars

Summer is the perfect time to freshen up your home decor with a new seasonal look. Whether you’re looking for something bright and fun or more subdued, you can make these faux sea glass vases in any shade you want. 

Here is what you need


I used Wide Mouth Mason jars that I had one hand, but any jar will do

Dollar Tree White Glue (liquid)

Dollar Tree Food Coloring

Dollar Tree Jute Twine

Dollar Tree flowers



Paper Plate or something to put the glue on and then throw away

Something to mix the glue up, I had a wooden skewer


Start by pouring glue onto 3 sections of the paper plate

The add 5 drops of blue to one section, 5 drops of green to another section, and 5 blue and 5 green to the last section

Use something to mix the food coloring and the glue together, I used a wooden skewer

Once completely mixed up, using the paint brush apply each color mixture to each jar. When they are completely dry, apply another coat if you want it to be darker. I made these a little bit on the darker side but you can make yours lighter.

Then you wrap the top portion of the jar with the jute twine to desired fullness, then tie the ends in a bow. It looks so cute and can lean either to farmhouse or coastal décor.

I added these super cute flowers that I got from the Dollar Tree!

What can we use these Dollar tree faux sea glass jars for?

You can use these jars to hold anything but here are some ideas…

Actual sea glass you found on the beach
Cotton balls

Can you use other type of glass besides mason jars?

Yes! You can use wine glasses, glass cups, candy dishes, vases, and drinking glasses too. Basically anything you can find. The dollar tree has a nice variety of glassware but be sure not to eat or drink after you paint it. This is for decoration only!

These Dollar tree faux sea glass jars are perfect for a coastal theme.  Head to your local Dollar Tree, grab some of jars and get to painting! Share your project with us!


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