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Hacks for Organizing a Spice Cabinet


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Everyone has a “cabinet of shame,” right? Often it is in the kitchen; either a junk drawer or the avalanche cabinet that you’re afraid to open. Don’t you wish it could be different? That you could love every inch of your kitchen and truly enjoy cooking? We can show you how Organizing a Spice Cabinet can be easy!

To truly enjoy cooking, it seems that organization is important. What needs to be organized? Well, the items you use most in cooking; everything from flour, sugar, and utensils to herbs and spices.

If your “cabinet of shame” is your spice cabinet or drawer, there are tons of different ways to organize and make your life a whole lot easier. Not every product works for every kitchen, so below is a versatile list that is bound to connect with you and your kitchen.

Transfer Spices to Jars

Often organizing a spice cabinet can be difficult due to the different sizes and shapes of your spice containers. With the link above, you can choose from a set of 14, 24, 36, or 48 jars.

Included is everything you need to organize all your spices: labels, a collapsible funnel, toppers with a shake or pour feature, and airtight lids. If you choose to go this route, many of the spice organizers you can purchase will look much more uniform and fit better in your cabinet or drawer.

Pull Down Spice Rack

These pull down spice racks are especially nice for tall cabinets. This pull down spice rack allows you to organize your spices, but also bring them down closer to your face when you’re looking for one specific spice. This rack should also fit the glass jars from the previous idea, in case you were wondering.

Corner Spice Rack

For your counter or cabinet, a corner spice rack can be a space saver. Especially when it has tiers like the one linked above. If you have a lazy susan bottom cabinet, a few corner racks may fit on the shelves, creating tons of space for your spices!

Expandable Spice Rack

This specific rack is handy because it can be used in two different ways. It comes as two different sized tiers, but they can nest together and work as an expandable rack, depending on your space and needs.

Pull Out Spice Rack

If you have deep cabinets, this may be your solution! Whether you have a short spot, a tall spot, a narrow spot, or a wide spot, this option is versatile and will allow you to see all your spices simply by pulling the drawer out!

Lazy Susan

Depending on the containers you use for your spices, sometimes there are a few that just don’t fit on the standard spice racks. A lazy susan is a great solution!

  • You can buy one or you can create one with items found at the dollar store: two cake pans and a few small bags of marbles.
  • Fill the bottom pan with the marbles and place the top pan over them. The top pan will have a lip to keep your spice jars contained and it will spin easily on top of the marbles.
  • To make it look more appealing, consider spray painting the cake pans first with whatever color you like.

 Magnetic Spice Jars

Maybe your fridge isn’t covered in pictures or art, maybe you have a magnetic strip up already, or perhaps you were hoping to display your spices in an artistic, but functional way. Magnetic spice jars allow you lots of freedom in organizing! The product above is for hexagon shaped glass jars that have magnetic lids.

  • You can arrange them in the fridge or on magnetic strips and create a work of art.
  • This set also comes with labels for your spices.
  • So if you have trouble telling the difference between Italian Spices and Oregano, you won’t have to worry!

Under the Cabinet Spices

This idea is a genius space saver plus it gives you easy access to your most-used spices! All you need are identical glass jars, labels, strong magnets, strong glue, and a metal strip to hang. Once you’re done, you’ll have a beautiful and accessible row of spices available without rooting through a cabinet. Not sure it gets much better than that.

 Spice Drawer Organizer

Have to use a drawer to organize spices? There’s an organizer for that, too! This tiered organizer allows you to see all the labels easily and keeps everything in place. This particular organizer is also expandable, so chances are you will be able to fit it perfectly in your spice drawer.

Rotating Countertop Spice Organizer

For those lucky people who aren’t lacking in counter space, a rotating spice organizer can be both functional and pretty. This organizer has round, glass containers with plastic lids. Other countertop options may have better surfaces for labels, though, so be sure to decide based on your own experience in the kitchen.

 Mountable Spice Rack

Whether you have counter space, wall space, or a pantry, a spice rack that has the option to be mounted is as versatile as it is handy. This one has a light colored, bamboo surface, so it is likely to match any décor. It also has adjustable bars on each tier, so it can adjust for larger or smaller containers.

 Label Your Spices

Perhaps your organization has less to do with where you place your jars and more to do with knowing what is inside your jars. This label set comes with 528 labels (484 Spice Names and 44 blank labels), so you can either find the name you need or create your own.

Hopefully you have found a solution that works for you! Your “cabinet of shame” could very well turn into the cabinet you show off to visitors. Remember, you don’t have to have a traditional spice cabinet. Do what works for you.

Whether it means using your lazy susan to your spice advantage, mounting pretty spice jars magnetically under your cabinet or on the wall, or even mounting a rack on the inside of your pantry door, the options are endless  to organizing a spice Cabinet and you are bound to find an organizational hack that makes you smile.


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