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How to Clean Your Bathroom in 15 Minutes or Less


Have you ever had a phone call from friends or family asking if it was okay if they stopped by? While you’re telling them “of course”, in the back of your mind your thoughts begin to drift to your bathroom. And then panic sets in. You hit the end call button and then frantically begin making sure not only the bathroom is in working order, but the rest of the house is in halfway decent shape.

clean your bathroom in around 15 minutes or less

By the time your company shows up, you’re bent out of shape yelling at the kids, while at the same time, playing the role of Mr. Clean. Here’s how you can clean your bathroom in around 15 minutes or less, for situations such as this.  

Clear Bathroom Surfaces

Instead of picking up every single bathroom object and cleaning around them, why not clear the bathroom surfaces to save you time? Make sure that you have a small grocery bag on-hand so you can clear clutter quickly, and also a basket to hold your bathroom essentials until afterward. Also, go ahead and remove any bathroom rugs and the trash can at this point.    

Dust From Top to Bottom, Then Sweep

It’s always a good idea to get dusting out of the way early. That way dust doesn’t get on any of the surfaces you’ve already cleaned. Make sure that you dust the air vent, light fixtures, or any cobwebs building up in corners. Dust from top to bottom. After that, go ahead and sweep the floor with a broom or using a vacuum.

Spray Disinfectant Cleaner Profusely

When it comes to killing germs and bacteria in the bathroom, you need to have a liberal mindset. Don’t hold anything back while using a disinfectant cleaner to spray down all your surfaces, shower area, bathroom tiles, the outside of the toilet and bathroom sink. Allow it to soak for a few minutes.  

Squirt Toilet Bowl Cleaner 

Next, go ahead and squirt toilet bowl cleaner around the ring of the toilet bowl and allow that to sit as well.

Clean the Bathtub and Shower Area

Since adding disinfectant spray and allowing it to sit, things should clean much easier in the bathtub and shower area. This is especially true if you do this more often. Go ahead and use microfiber cloths to wipe it down from top to bottom. Worse comes to worse, close the shower curtain.

Focus On Adding Sparkle to Your Vanity Area

Apply glass cleaner to spray down the mirror and then use a paper towel to freshen it up. For better results, we recommend that you wipe in an s shape instead of using a circular motion, which allows dirt back onto your mirror. Your bathroom sink, countertop, and fixtures should be ready to wipe down using a microfiber cloth. Everything now should be nice and sparkly.   

Conquer The Toilet

Now that the exterior of your toilet has had time to soak, go ahead and wipe it down using a paper towel. Start with the handle and move onto the lid, the front of the tank, the toilet seat until you’ve worked your way down to the base of the toilet.

Now take your toilet brush and scrub the inside of the bowl. When you’re done, go ahead and flush and use the new water to rinse off the brush. Now, set the toilet seat on the brush so that it can drip-dry for a little bit before returning it to its holder. 

Return Bathroom Essentials

Now that everything is sparkling clean for the most part, go ahead and put everything back in order how you want it. Only one more step and then you’re done! 

Mop the Floor

All that’s left is to mop the floor with warm water and your choice of cleaning solution. Allow it to air dry and then put your bathroom rugs and your empty trashcan back in place. That didn’t take too long, now did it? 

Most people hate to deep clean the bathroom because of how quickly it can get out of control. With these quick and easy steps, your bathroom cleaning shouldn’t take much time at all. What are some bathroom cleaning hacks that you’ve discovered, that has made cleaning the bathroom easier for you? 


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