June 13

How to Organize Your Basement or Attic in Just One Weekend


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Do you have a spare weekend? Do you have a basement or attic that is crying out for your organizing and decluttering attention? Do you think it’s impossible to get either one done in a single weekend? Take heart, figuring out how to organize your basement or attic in just one weekend is possible and not as daunting as you’d expect.

how to organize your basement or attic

Before you get down to working, I would really recommend that you take the time to do some planning. You can do this by using something such as a printable organizing pack or something simpler such as pen and paper. By making a plan, you will give yourself a strong start to what ultimately could be a very big job. When you’re planning, don’t forget to take advantage of our PRINTABLE check lists

Take Stock

Before you can really get started decluttering your basement or attic in one weekend, you really need to have a good idea of how big the job is going to be. Basically, this means to take a really close look at the area you will be working in. Take notice of any areas that may need extra work and of any areas that you know are filled with either keep or trash items. Having a good idea ahead of time will give you a heads up as to how big the job really is. Make sure to read The Difference Between Decluttering and Organization before you get started. 

Gather Supplies

Before you can really declutter and organize anything, you’ll need to gather any supplies you might need. This can include things such as boxes or storage totes, trash bags, cleaning solutions and work gloves. The last thing anyone who is working at decluttering something such as a basement wants is to have to stop in the middle and go buy supplies.

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If your basement or attic does not have shelves and you think you may want them, it is a good idea to pick them up before you start. This will enable you to immediately put organized totes or boxes away so they are not sitting in the middle of your work space waiting.

Divide and Conquer

Since you only have a limited amount of time to declutter the area, you will want to divide it into specific areas. Once they are divided, you will work in one area until it is fully decluttered and organized. This may seem like a silly step but it will help you avoid getting distracted and bouncing all over the place.

Start with the Obvious

When you first begin to declutter, don’t make the mistake of digging into an area simply to find out what’s there. Instead, start with the obvious things that are laying right on top so to speak. This can include easily identified boxes, trash and other things that you don’t have to question. Once you have these top layers removed, it will be easier to get down to the real nitty gritty of it all.

clean basement

Be Selective with Piles

When decluttering rooms, it is often recommended that you create piles for keep, trash and donate. However, when you’re decluttering a basement or attic, this can actually hinder your work since it can take up much needed space. This means that as you declutter, you should also be removing things you have already decided on. If it’s trash, take it out asap. If it’s donated, put it in your car and if you’re keeping it, put it in its permanent home.

But Don’t Forget to Sort

If you’re not making piles to help guide you, it can be very easy to forget that you’re supposed to be sorting. If you don’t label an item as keep, donate or toss, you will ultimately end up simply putting things back where they were and calling the whole shebang a failure.

Enlist Help

While it is possible to declutter your entire basement or attic in a weekend by yourself, things will go much more smoothly if you have help. This could be your best friend, your kids and even your partner. Put them to work carrying things or removing things from the area you’re working.

Don’t Forget to Clean

Part of decluttering that a lot of people forget is the cleaning up. If you’re using shelves or anything of that sort, go ahead and take the time to clean off any dust. Take the time to sweep the floor in the area and so on. It may seem silly but being able to look at a clean and well organized area will help keep you going.

Organizing your basement or attic in one weekend is a big job. Sometimes it’s a very big job, but if you plan well enough and don’t get discouraged, it can easily be done. When things get tough and you want to just give up and let the clutter take over, try to remind yourself what your end goal is. Keeping that goal in mind will help you get the job done right the very first time.


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