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How to Stock your Freezer with Meals

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We all wish we had more time in the day to get things done. From managing the kids and the house to trying to get dinner on the table or whip up a hot breakfast when you would rather still be in bed. One great way to make your life a little bit easier is to start freezer cooking.

When you fill your freezer with freezer meals you are taking action a head of time that will make your life easier later and no one has ever regretted making a choice that makes their lives easier.

We will show you How to Stock your Freezer with Meals.

Why you want to stock your freezer with meals

When you take the time to stock your freezer with meals you are making your life easier in the long run. these meals can be used when you are tired, don’t have time to cook, or just don’t feel like cooking, and even to provide your family with a great meal even in an emergency situation that stops you from cooking for your family.

Freezer meals are a great way to save money on food by taking advantage of sales as they happen to build meals at a lower price. These meals also save you money by helping you avoid the fast-food lanes while reducing food waste in your home. When you use the vegetables to make meals right away there is no risk of them going bad before you can get around to making the meals you had planned.

Freezer meals are a great way to prepare for a new baby or a major surgery. Any time that you may not be up for cooking freezer meals can give you an advantage on feeding your family without spending more money and making the whole process a breeze for the whole family. Simply heat, or toss in the cooker to cook and you have a fresh homemade meal.

Freezer cooking is a great way to reduce the amount of time you spend cleaning your kitchen. Every time you cook a meal in your kitchen you have to clean it up. When freezer cooking several meals at once you only have to clean up once.

Saving time. Prepping meals in mass allows you to chop vegetables in bulk all at once as well as do other things in one go allowing you to save time by not switching tasks over and over again. A good way to do this is to plan recipes that share ingredients to cook together at once when freezer cooking.

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Have a bulk freezer cooking day

Planning to go all out on a build freezer cooking day is a great way to get a lot of meals done at once. You can even find online freezer cooking challenges that come with recipes and shopping lists to help you maximize your time making multiple meals at once. When looking at freezer recipes do not make bulk meals of anything you have not tested with your family yet. Having four veggie lasagna doesn’t do you much good if your family doesn’t like it.

A bulk freezer cooking day is a great way to make the most of a big sale by prepping a large number of meals ahead of time. Take a look at the sales circulars and make a list of meals you can make using the best deals. Just don’t plan to shop and cook on the same day or you are likely to be worn out really fast.

When you decide to do a bulk freezer cooking day you would plan ahead of time to make the most of your freezer cooking day. Don’t try to do too much or you are likely to burn out before you get much done. Stick to one meal like chicken, breakfast foods, or beef dinners in a single freezer cooking day to lower the risk of cross-contamination and allow you to focus a bit better. Planning your meals to match up when freezer cooking saves time and stress.

Double batch cooking

Cooking your family’s favorite meals in double batches is a great low-stress way to build up your freezer meal collection. This allows you to reduce your prepping and cleaning time by doubling up your meals and builds your freezer meal collection with foods you know your family will love. When making double batches for the freezer remove the 2nd batch before you serve the meal so no one decides to go back and eat it before you can freeze an entire meal worth.

Double batch cooking is the simplest way to fill your freezer with meals. Seeing you are making one extra meal at a time the cost of freezer cooking is fairly low compared to cooking large batch meals.


Slow cooker and instant pot meals

Not all freezer meals need to be cooked before you freeze them. Simply doing the prep work and freezing your slow cooker and instant pot meals is a great way to save time in the kitchen. When you are ready to make a meal simply toss everything into your pot, add liquid, and set it to cook for quick and easy meals.


Now that you know how to stock up your freezer, don’t forget the most important step. Label everything on the outside of the package with what it is and its date! That way when you’re ready for dinner, all you’ll need to do is grab a meal from your freezer without opening every container first. Sounds like an easy fix to me- one we can get behind. An efficient kitchen will make cooking so much easier, be sure to read How to Rearrange Your Kitchen Counter for Optimal Space


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