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Laundry Tips for Life with Kids


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Life with kids is not easy and trying to keep on top of your child’s wardrobe can be a challenge to say the least. From multiple outfits a day to the oddest mishaps kids tend to make the laundry pile grow faster than we can blink. As a parent, this can be frustrating to deal with. These tips will help make it easier to keep your family’s clothes clean and lasting longer with less stress.

Have designated play clothes for your child

Instead of fighting with them to not do things that can lead to stains, send them out to play in the mud wearing clothes that have already been damaged and save the nice stuff for when it really matters. This is a great way to take the stress off of you when it comes to always getting stains out of everything. If they have clothes they can stain without you worrying about it, no one has to stress and everyone can have a lot more fun.

Place a reminder to check pockets for your kids.

This can be as simple as a small sign above the hamper. We all need reminders sometimes and this is one of those common things that often needs one. Set out a reminder for you to do a double-check with loading the washer. Keep a large jar for items found in pockets so your family can go searching for their missing items on their own without you having to remember where everything went.

Get a good stain remover to make pre-treating your laundry easier than ever.

A quality spray or stain stick will do the trick. Be sure to take a look at everything as you load it into the washer to ensure that stains are treated. This is the perfect time to turn screen prints and other designs that may get damaged in the wash after multiple washes inside out to extend their lifespan.

Stop stains from setting

Treat them with a portable stain stick, a baby wipe, or just rinsing under cold water to help get as much of the stain out as you can before it sets. This is a great way to make laundry easier. Keep a stain stick in your diaper bag and in your child’s backpack to make it easy for kids’ messy eating spills to be pretreated the right way.

Do a pre-soak when you start your laundry.

Add your soap and water and allow to sit in your washer for a while you work on another chore. This will give the stains on your laundry time to loosen up. This gives your pre treatments time to get to work and makes it easier for your washer to get everything out in one wash.

Check for stains before putting your clothes in the dryer.

Anything that needed pretreatment should be checked before drying to prevent setting in any remaining stains that can be removed by a repeated pretreat and wash cycle. These hidden shadows of stains getting set in by the dryer are the main cause for unexplained stains on clothing.

Teach your child to help sort laundry.

A simple color sorting hamper can go a long way in making it easy for your child to sort their basket in the laundry room taking a step off your to-do list. If you do not keep hampers in each bedroom put a sorting hamper in your bathroom where everyone changes to help make sorting easy.

Use color catcher sheets.

I know in the perfect world colors would always be sorted and you would never have to worry about colors bleeding. In the real world, someone is gonna toss a new pair of jeans in with everything else and that red shop rag will land in with the whites. A color catcher sheet is a great way to prevent these mishaps from becoming a cleaning disaster ruining an entire load of laundry.

Teach your kids to help fold.

Even little kids can fold wash clothes and help match socks. Yes, the towels won’t be folded perfectly every time but your child will feel great for accomplishing folding the laundry and it is one less thing on your list. Just close the linen closet door so you don’t have to see it and enjoy the break.

Avoid buying hard to care for materials.

While your child may look cute in that little suit anything that can not be tossed into the washer, dry, and popped into the dresser or hung in the closet is not worth your time for everyday wear with kids. Simplify things as much as possible with low maintenance clothes that are simply wash and wear. Kids go through clothes fast and tend to ruin just about everything so making laundry easier on you should be the priority.

If you’re looking for a few simple and effective tips to make laundry day easier, we’ve got the perfect list of ideas. We hope these will help you get your clothes clean faster so that more time can be spent doing what matters most – spending quality time with family!



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