June 19

Save the Cold Air! Save Money on Cooling your Home Without Going Broke


Keeping your home cool without sky high electric bills can be a real struggle; especially if you live in the deep south or southwestern parts of the US. While you could just suck it up and pay those high costs, there really is no reason to as long as you’re willing to do a bit of research on how to save money on cooling your home.

The work that cooling your home on a budget will require is usually work that will need to be done to your home. Most of this type of thing is not heavy duty home maintenance, but instead will be small and quick tasks that will help the cooling unit to cool your home in a more efficient way. They are well worth taking the time to do and in just a month or so, you’ll be able to see some pretty significant changes in the amount of your power bill each month. The best part though is that these ways to keep the home cool will also help you keep your home warm once the weather turns.

Heating and Cooling System Maintenance

First and foremost, if the heating and cooling system has not been serviced in the past year or so, you will want to make sure you take the time to have that done now. It may be more out of pocket cost than you’re wanting to pay but in the long run, it is far better to do so now. Otherwise, you may find yourself with a costly repair later on. If you do not have central air and instead use a window a/c unit or portable a/c unit, you’ll want to make sure it is in good working order as well.

Change Air Filters

The air filters in the air intake vent and/or your furnace should be changed once every three months or so. If they have not been changed in a while, your cooling system is having to work harder than it should. When it works harder, you pay more for it. You can buy air filters for your system for as little as $15.00 each depending on their size. By not replacing it, you are spending far more than that over the course of three months.

Seal Leaks and Cracks

When you were a kid did your Mom ever tell you to shut the door because she was not heating/cooling the outside? Well, if you have leaks in your windows or doors, you are absolutely cooling the outside. Instead of allowing that cool air to seep out of those cracks, use a sealant such as a foam sealant to fill them instead. Be sure to double check the areas around your doors and all windows. You’ll also want to check attic and basement doors as well since they can allow air to escape too.

Use Thermal Curtains and Window Tint 

Natural light in your home is great for keeping your lights turned off, but it can also heat up your home during the heat of the day. The costs of having to cool this air that has been warmed from the sun can almost negate the savings of not having the lights off. To help keep both the natural light and the light from the sun out, consider tinting your windows and using thermal curtains.

Blackout thermal curtains are made to do exactly what you want them to in this situation. Blackout light and heat from the sun to keep a room cooler. However, when you want that natural light, a blackout curtain will defeat the purpose. The addition of window tinting will give you the option of having the curtains open or shut during the hottest parts of the day. While window tinting won’t provide as much heat blockage as the curtains will, it is far better than window blinds or regular curtains by themselves.

Use Box Fans with Open Windows

If the temperature outside is under 80°F, turn the air conditioning off and grab the box fans. Box fans are cheaper to run and with the windows open, they will cool your home just as well as the a/c will as long as the temp outside is not excessive. Plus, you’ll have the added benefit of fresh air being brought into your home from the open windows.

Create Air Circulation

Box fans can also be used to create air circulation in your home which will help keep it cooler as well. To do so, place one fan in a window facing in to your home. This fan will bring cooled air indoors. Then, on an opposite side of the room, place another fan facing outward. This fan will remove hot hair from your home. Together they will create an air circulation tunnel that cools the entire room.

We have shown you how to save money on cooling for your home without going broke. We hope that the information we provided will help you find a solution to keeping your family cool this summer while also staying within budget and not having to sacrifice comfort or safety in order to stay cool.


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