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Small Storage Options in the Bathroom

Bigger is always better, right? Not necessarily. That statement holds true even when we’re talking about having a small bathroom to work with. For starters, a bigger bathroom means you’ll spend more time cleaning. You may then go on to argue that you aren’t able to provide a home for all your bathroom essentials in such a tiny space. Hear us out for a minute. While it may be a little cramped for space, there might be tricks or better ways of utilizing wasted space in your bathroom that you may have never thought about. Check out some ideas on how you can utilize small storage options in even the tiniest of bathrooms.

Store Toiletries Up High

Just like other rooms of your house, bathrooms have plenty of wasted wall space that you can take advantage of. A high placed shelf can do your bathroom wonders. You can store extra supplies and toiletries on shelf space that’s built over the doorway, instead of cramming everything in the linen closet. If you have a bathroom closet door, you can even hang shelving there.  


Buy Some Snazzy Wine Racks 

Wanting to try something other than traditional shelving? Go out and get some wine racks that can be hung on the wall. These will be the perfect shelving for rolled up bath towels. Just remember to save one slot for a bottle of wine, that way your bubble bath experience may be complete. Using other kinds of shelving with cubbyhole space will work as well.

Opt to Replace Your Stand-alone Sink

Some bathroom sinks don’t serve any other function than washing your hands. Do you have bathroom space just big enough for a larger sink with shelving? You may want to consider replacing that sink with one that’s a little more multifunctional. Plus, you deserve to have a sink that looks more up-to-date anyways. 

Put a Cabinet Above the Toilet

Take a look at the wall just above your toilet. Many people may see that space as a great spot to hang flowery decorations or pictures of majestic waterfalls, but we see it as wasted space. Install a cabinet in the place of that picture and you can store medicine, or as a space for more toiletries. 


Use the Door for Holding Toiletries

What do you think about putting a hanging shoe rack on the back of the door to hold all your toiletries and other necessities? It won’t even be an eyesore because the bathroom door is usually open.

Think Vertically

A lot of the time we think horizontally when it comes to creating more space, but vertically is equally as important. For all your make-up, lotions, perfumes, and brushes, think about getting some tiered baskets or bins. This not only freed up your countertop space, but you still managed to find another of the great small storage options.  

Add Extra Space Underneath the Sink

Another great method for utilizing storage space underneath the bathroom sink is by adding a tension rod. That way you can hang your bathroom spray cleaners on top and still have plenty of room for other things underneath.

Shower Organizers

Chances are, you do not have shower organizers to help tidy up your shower area, if not, you’re missing out. Never again will you have to look over every corner of the bathtub to find your razor. If you’re planning on getting yourself some shower organizers, make sure that they have mesh pockets in them, so that water from the shower will be able to drain.

Storing Tweezers and Bobby Pins

Do you spend more time tidying up the bathroom by picking up bobby pins, tweezers, and nail clippers? Problem solved! Use a magnetic strip and hang it on the inside of a cabinet or along the wall. Everything will be right where you need it next time you look.

More Bathtub Small Storage Options

Does your bathtub not have enough space for all your favorite bath fragrances and salts? One quick fix is to put a bathtub caddy across the counter of your bathtub to have more space for storing all of those bath time essentials.

Don’t Forget the Floor

Even the bathroom floor can serve more than one purpose besides a good sweep and mop every now and then. You can store towels and toilet paper in plain sight by putting them in stylish wicker baskets.  

Small Storage Options to Make Your Bathroom Appear to be Bigger       

You can make your bathroom look bigger by simply hanging a well-placed mirror. Many people hang mirrors not only for themselves but to add extra depth into rooms.

Now you know some of our secrets on utilizing small storage options in the bathroom. Hopefully, you found something that you can use for your bathroom, to make it a tidier room in your house. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What are some good small storage options for bathrooms?

    When dealing with a tiny bathroom, finding creative ways to maximize every possible inch of available space for storage needs gets challenging. But with some clever solutions, it is possible to open up storage capacity even in the tightest quarters and keep a small bath tidy.

    Start by taking full advantage of vertical wall space to add shelving for extra storage rather than solely relying on limited counter surface area. Install floating corner shelves or narrowly stacked wall-mounted shelves in the shower, next to the sink, or on both sides of the toilet to hold toiletries, towels and daily essentials. You can also have a carpenter build out unused wall space with custom inset shelving sized to hold baskets or neatly fold washcloths.

    Additionally, hanging storage is a bathroom space saver’s best friend. Add tension rod shelving above the toilet as an instant shelf for folded towels and toilet paper. Over the door storage racks and hanging wall cabinets also enable you to stash supplies up and out of the way. Likewise, consider hanging corner caddies, mesh pouches and removable shower shelves to quadruple storage space inside the shower stall without eating up floor space.

    When it comes to bathroom sink storage, replace a bulky vanity cabinet with a narrow rolling cart instead. A slim cart with three or four shelves neatly holds all those bottles and tubes that typically clutter up precious sink space in a cramped bath. Or install swing arm shelving that rotates out from the wall next to your bathroom sink for easy access to daily essentials without hogging counter space.

    If floor space remains at a premium, a standalone vertical storage tower squeezed into a tight corner by the door presents several stacked shelves for toiletries, spare towels and cleaning supplies. Or make use of over the toilet shelving units—the added storage capacity is well worth sacrificing a bit of knee room! Just get creative stacking, hanging and elevating storage wherever logically possible. Proper organization tools help maximize every square inch.

  • Where is the best place to install extra shelves?

    When dealing with a tiny bathroom, strategically placing additional shelving and storage solutions in overlooked, unused spaces helps multiply storage capacity without encroaching on the limited functional areas. Target putting narrow shelving or bathroom organizers in the shower stall, adjacent to the toilet tank, and on any free wall space next to the bathroom vanity sink to effectively expand storage.

    The shower stall offers prime real estate for installing slim corner shelves or removable caddies. Tuck shelves into wasted wall corners to hold shampoo, conditioner bottles, razors and other shower essentials. Suction cup wire shelves also easily mount directly to tile walls for instant storage space. Hanging shower corner caddies likewise maximize vertical room to corral bath products.

    Likewise, the side wall area next to a standalone toilet tank often gets overlooked as potential storage space. Install floating shelves or wall mounted cabinetry fitted to the tank width for neatly stacking extra toilet paper rolls, boxes of tissues, air fresheners or bathroom cleaning supplies. Just be conscious of proper clearance space when opening the tank lid.

    The bathroom vanity area usually suffers most from cramped space issues. So make the most of any viable wall areas around the sink by putting up corner shelving, hanging wall cabinets, or narrow shelving above/next to the bathroom mirror to hold toiletries that typically overcrowd countertops. Or install swing arm shelving that extends out from the wall to provide easy access to daily essentials without eating up permanent countertop space.

    Getting clever utilizing vertical walls and overlooked spaces adjacent to existing bathroom functional areas enables you to open up storage capacity without encroaching on the tight foot traffic zones. And do not forget about the back of bathroom doors either! Make use of over the door storage racks and hanging organizers to conveniently stash extra towels or draped robes up and out of the way.

  • What are some small storage options for the sink?

    Finding adequate storage space for the myriad of lotions, cosmetics, grooming tools, medications and other daily essentials we need access to in the bathroom can be challenging, especially in petite powder rooms. The sink area in particular usually suffers most from inadequate storage options, resulting in crowded counters and messy piles spreading across limited surfaces. However, there are some great space-saving storage solutions perfect for tucking next to bathroom sinks to help organize daily necessities without hogging precious counter real estate.

    One of the easiest DIY options is to install a tension corner shelf or floating corner shelf kit above the sink. These triangular shelves neatly fit into wasted corner space and provide a perfect perch for rolled washcloths, small decorative items, air plants or bathroom cleaning spray bottles. For more sizable storage capacity, consider mounting a wall cabinet with shelves or a narrow medicine cabinet next to the bathroom mirror above the backsplash. Wall cabinets protrude less than bulky vanities, opening up floor space. The key is taking advantage of vertical real estate.

    Alternatively, a slim rolling cart placed right next to the bathroom sink instantly adds movable storage for hand towels, toothbrush holders, soap dispensers, cleaning supplies, and anything else that tends to pile up on countertops. Look for a 2-3 tier metal utility cart about 12-15 inches wide to squeeze into tight spaces. Finish it with a coat of spray paint in an accent color. The rolling mobility means you can easily move the cart aside temporarily as needed for cleaning.

    For quick access to items you use most near the sink, install swing arm shelving that rotates out from wall mounting brackets. Rotating shelving folds flush to the wall when not in use. Or DIY your own wall mounted solution by grabbing a hanging wall organizer rack commonly used for kitchen utensils. Mount it to the wall next to the sink, slide on some S-hooks, and hang baskets or cups for holding bathroom supplies. This enables you to fully customize the storage arrangement.

    Finally, upgrade surface storage below the bathroom vanity by adding slide-out trays or tip down drawer organizers to neatly corral items stashed under sinks. Get creative utilizing a mix of wall shelving, hanging storage and specialized drawer organizers to maximize tight sink-side storage capacity without spreading across the counter!

  • What should I use to store supplies inside the shower?

    Finding small storage options for all the shower essentials like shampoos, conditioner bottles, razors, loofahs and bath toys inside a cramped shower stall can really be challenging. However, there are some convenient storage solutions made specifically to utilize unused vertical wall space inside showers that can effectively corral all those bath must-haves.

    One of the most popular options are corner shower caddies and hanging shower racks that mount directly to shower walls using suction cups or adhesive. Clear acrylic corner caddies sized to tuck neatly into wasted corner space are perfect for holding tall bottles upright without risk of toppling over on a shelf. For more stability, use stainless steel or plastic corner caddies with integrated shelves and soap dishes built to securely hold wash accessories.

    Additionally, hanging shower racks with multiple woven baskets make accessing shower supplies super easy. The movable baskets enable quick customization of stored items as contents change. Likewise, in-line razor and soap storage racks using strong waterproof suction cups stick securely to shower walls for upright bottle storage without drilling holes.

    For a longer storage shelf, tension shower caddies are fantastic space saving solutions. The spring loaded poles enable installing a sizeable floating corner shelf in seconds without tools that holds up to 15 pounds. Or install removable acrylic interior shower shelves outfitted with drainage holes held in place magnetically or with suction cups.

    Finally, consider mounting an exterior shower organizer caddy filled with supplies outside the shower entry temporarily so bottles and accessories do not monopolize interior space. Just be sure to bring products inside before turning on the showerhead. But getting clever utilizing hanging racks, corner shelves and wall mounting hardware enables easy access to supplies without eating up floor space.

  • How do I neatly store towels?

    Designating adequate folded towel storage in a petite bathroom can be tricky, but utilizing vertical wall space and compact shelving units helps multiply towel capacity without hogging floor space. Install one or two wall-mounted single towel bars near the sink and shower. For larger storage, mount a folding towel ladder or wall cabinet with integrated towel bar near the bathtub.

    If sink counter space allows, place a freestanding wire countertop towel holder for quick hand towel access. For moving storage, add a narrow utility cart next to the sink or vanity storing neatly folded washcloths and hand towels. Just be sure to look for a cart 12 inches or less in width to conserve space.

    Additionally, consider installing an over-the-toilet shelving unit with built-in towel bars. This enables you to stack spare bath and hand towels right next to the shower or tub for easy access. Or put up corner floating shelves with towel rods in wasted wall space to hold rolled washcloths.

    For the shower area, suction cup stainless steel paper towel holders securely mount inside showers to hold folded washcloths within arm’s reach. Tension shower curtain rods also double as quick drying rods for damp bath towels.

    Finally, add over-the-door storage hooks on the back of the bathroom door for hanging up bath robes. Consider spring-loaded rods that flip upright when not holding damp items to dry. Just take advantage of every vertical wall space and the back of door to open up tidy towel storage nooks so rolls do not end up scattered across the floor or vanity.

  • What small storage options can I use for wall space?

    Limited wall space for installing shelving or storage organizers can certainly cramp options in an already confined bathroom. But when viable wall areas max out quickly, the key becomes getting resourceful utilizing narrow freestanding and over-the-door storage solutions that squeeze into tight spots and make the most of every possible square inch.

    When wall space falls short, turn first to slim rolling utility or storage carts that can neatly tuck into corners, next to the toilet or beside sinks as movable organizers. Look for metal carts no wider than 12 to 14 inches wide sporting 2 to 4 tiers of storage space. These narrow towers offer essential bathroom supply storage, yet rollout easily for cleaning behind.

    Additionally, over-the-toilet freestanding shelving units and vertical towel ladder racks maximize unused air space without requiring wall mounting. Or squeeze a tall, narrow floor-to-ceiling shelving unit into an unoccupied corner to hold toilet paper, cleaning bottles or bathroom linens. Just be conscious of proper weight capacities when filling the delicate metal or wood shelves.

    If the back of your bathroom door remains free, make the most of it by installing 2-3 over-the-door storage racks at staggered heights for neatly arranging towels, toiletries and cleaning tools up and out of the way. Spring-loaded rods flip out of the way easily when accessing doors.

    For quick and simple storage perches, consider unconventional organizers like light-weight shower caddies with hanging hooks or adjustable tension corner rods. These handy tools enable instant shelving adjustable to fit tight spaces. Sometimes it just takes getting creative and making organizational accessories meet storage needs when viable housing walls or surfaces are few and far between in a pint sized bath!

  • Where should I put medical or grooming supplies?

    Carving out space for the variety of medical and grooming tools we utilize regularly in the bathroom can be tricky in petite powder rooms already short on viable storage solutions. However, there are some clever organizing methods to keep first aid kits, medications, tweezers, nail clippers and other bathroom necessities neatly tucked away, while still easily accessible when you need them.

    For bathroom cabinets or vanity drawers, use lazy Susan trays, sectioned bins, stacking dividers or compartment boxes to neatly group similar grooming tools and medical supplies together. Or stash supplies in matching apothecary jars— glass, ceramic or acrylic jars organize first aid products, facial tools or manicure items in bathroom drawers or medicine cabinets while showing off pretty packaging.

    Tiered wall-mounted first aid cabinets provide another space saving solution for storing well-stocked medical kits, extra bandages and medications behind cabinet doors. Streamline bulk supplies into handy travel kits sorted in pouches hanging from hooks or cabinet knobs for portability too.

    If you have solid shower ledges or expansive windowsills, accessorize with decorative bathroom cups, canisters, or trays for showcasing everyday medical and grooming items in plain sight. A selection of colorful makeup brush cups corralling tweezers and clippers keeps essentials accessible next to sinks as attractive vanity decoration too.

    For quick access to fingernail tools, consider mounting slim floating shelves next to mirrors or on shower walls for neatly organizing nail files, clippers, buffers and polishes at arm height. Just get creative designating handy homes for first aid and beauty tools that keep supplies accessible yet out of clutter on countertops. Apothecary style displays maintain tidy organization aesthetics no matter the tight powder room!

  • What about small storage options for toilet paper rolls?

    One of the biggest space saving struggles in petite powder rooms centers around keeping extra toilet paper inventory easily accessible yet hidden away to avoid cluttering up tight quarters. Luckily there are some effective small bathroom storage solutions made specifically for tucking away those bulky spare rolls while keeping needed squares within quick reach.

    If you have standard drywall next to or behind your toilet, replace the traditional free-spinning toilet paper holder with new in-wall dispensers that embed a roll horizontally into wall cutouts. Hidden units reduce typical protrusion while keeping replacement rolls discretely stored behind a spring-loaded sliding panel. Just open the flush mounted access door when swapping out empties.

    Alternatively, standing or wall-mounted chrome toilet paper stands neatly organize multiple vertical columns of rolls while conserving space. Versatile stands feature weighted bases or mounting hardware for housing 4 to 6 backup rolls in one narrow vertical tower tuckable into tight areas or corners.

    For movable storage, slim metal tiered utility carts are fantastic small bathroom additions for discreetly stowing rolls under sink piping or behind toilets. Narrow 12-14 inch wide carts squeeze into cramped areas while still boasting 2 to 3 storage shelves for corralling bathroom supplies.

    If existing shelving availability right outside the bathroom door allows, place a small decorative basket or bin atop shelves for easily grabbing needed rolls into the bathroom while keeping bulk extras stored externally out of sight. Just get creative designating vertical towers, concealed compartments and corner nooks to prevent messy spare roll piles from taking over counter space. Let organization accessories quadruple capacity!

  • How can I hide ugly pipes underneath the bathroom sink?

    Exposed drain pipes and hot water lines snaking under bathroom sinks can really detract from the decorative appeal of even the prettiest powder room designs. Luckily there are some easy hardware additions and stylistic touches perfect for disguising unappealing pipe clutter in cramped bath spaces ranging from quick no-commitment tricks to full custom cabinetry builds.

    For a fast budget friendly solution if renting or needing non-permanent options, mount tension rods or spring loaded curtain rods to form an instant fabric curtain enclosure. Cut a cloth shower curtain, tablecloth or fabric yardage a few inches longer than the existing pipework before using clip rings or grommets to create a flowing fabric skirt concealing eyesores. Choose cloth patterns complementing existing bath decor, whether solids, prints or shower liner fabrics. Consider moisture resistant cloth if prone to splash up.

    Alternatively, craft an illusion of built-in cabinetry by securing rigid wire storage baskets around exposed pipework using adjustable tension rods, cords or cables. Metal wire baskets visually recess pipes while opening up bonus storage potential under the sink. Use decorative fillers like rolled towels, extra soaps, citrus spa scent bags or bath mats inside baskets to contribute to the cabinetry facade. Add adhesive hooks, pulls or knobs to the under sink area to reinforce the visual effect of functional cabinetry.

    If aiming for true integrated cabinetry appeal, fabric skirting and basket illusions work great for playful personality, but investing in full custom sink base build outs transforms the entire space. Have a carpenter box in jarring pipes with enclosed drawers, solid wood doors and decorative wall paneling like shiplap or beadboard painted to precisely match existing cabinetry. Exposed pipework disappears while drawer pulls and doors lend polished finished appeal. Just be conscious of access needs when fully enclosing pipes to allow for drainage and repairs.

    For those renting or needing removable options, secure preformed rigid plastic or metal pipe covers wrapping existing plumbing which can be painted to match walls for a more streamlined concealed look. Magnetic pucker cloth sleeves slipped over unsightly pipes make another fine quick fix for small bath areas needing aesthetic boosts and clutter control without major builds or permanent covering. Just tailor concealing tools to rental rules, budgets and overall desired visuals!

  • What small storage options work best in the shower?

    Finding space to neatly store all those shampoo bottles, razors, puffs and bath toys inside a cramped shower stall can really be challenging. However, there are some convenient storage solutions made specifically to utilize unused vertical wall space inside showers that can effectively corral all those bath must-haves.

    One of the most popular and customizable options are hanging shower caddies featuring adjustable shelves, soap dishes, and integrated razor hooks that adhere directly to tile using strong waterproof suction cups. Tension mounted corner shelves offer similar adaptable storage space tucked neatly into wasted corner nook space.

    Additionally, in-line storage racks outfitted with razor, soap and bottle holders stick securely to shower walls while condensing supplies in an upright tower rather than spreading across flat shelves. The adhesive racks come in a variety of finishes from chrome to bamboo.

    For plastic bottle storage, acrylic or stainless steel corner shower caddies sized to fit snugly into shower corners allow upright bottle storage without risk of falling over on a flat shelf. Some corner caddies even feature integrated drainage to prevent mold buildup.

    Finally, consider installing wall-mounted bath toy nets, hanging towel bars, or suction cup razor holders to maximize vertical storage real estate in the shower. Any clinging, hanging or elevated bath organizer helps effectively double storage capacity without eating up limited floor space inside cramped stalls. Just utilize caddies, nets and holders to really make the most of vertical square footage!

  • What small storage options do I have for my floor space?

    When battling every square inch in a minuscule bathroom, finding ways to open up precious floor space for improved traffic flow and cleaning access should take priority. Some structural changes like wall-mounting sinks or toilets gain back stolen inches, but even some convenient accessories create a little breathing room visually in the tightest powder rooms needing that spacious oasis appeal.

    If making permanent changes, replace existing vanities requiring sizeable footprints with floating wall-mounted sinks gaining back estimated 20 square inches below. Have similar wall-hung toilets and bidet systems installed as well to capture additional lower cabinet space for freestanding shelves or bins. Every inch matters in cramped baths!

    For quick space saving tricks, install over-the-toilet shelving units topped with decorative baskets or bins to corral extra toilet paper, spare hand towels etc. Vertically stashing necessities previously cluttering counters or back-of-door hooks opens up visual floor area. Bonus – the elevated storage stays easily accessible.

    Additionally, replace shower curtains and containment rods with space saving half height tension or curved shower rods to reduce protrusion giving the illusion of expanded elbow room. Consider frameless walk in showers or shatterproof glass doors as well for most floor efficient bathing spaces.

    Sometimes just downsizing everyday bath accessories also aids space challenges. Replace oversized plush bath mats with memory foam options sized just outside showers. Choose narrow rolling storage carts, minimalist shelving units and slimline garbage cans whenever viability allows. Every compact pick counts maximizing tiny baths!

  • What small storage options should I use to store cleaning supplies?

    Finding a home for all the cleaning sprays, scrub brushes, plungers and extra toilet paper rolls essential to keeping bathrooms tidy can be tricky in petite powder rooms already short on storage space. However, there are some effective solutions perfect for neatly stashing those unappealing necessities while keeping supplies easily accessible yet out of sight.

    Installing broom and mop holders is a fantastic way to clear cleaning tools off floors and hang them high up and out of sight. Consider spring-loaded holders that flip up against walls or over doors when not holding upright tools. For spray bottles, use over-the-door hanging storage specifically designed for upright spray bottle storage to keep countertops clear.

    Additionally, slide-out storage rods and drop-down closet rods installed on the back of closet doors adjacent to bathrooms make perfect discreet homes for stowing spare toilet paper rolls, tissues and cleaning supplies behind a door while still keeping them within arm’s reach inside the bath.

    For a mobile solution, use narrow utility carts featuring 2-3 tiered shelves and locking wheels that can discretely tuck next to toilets for holding bulk paper goods, rubber gloves, and scrub brushes readily available but not cluttering up tight spaces. The movable carts allow easy accessibility for cleaning behind.

    Finally, consider unconventional solutions like fabric shower caddies with integrated hooks and pockets for stashing spray cleaners inside shower stalls when not in use. Or basket solutions that discreetly hide under bathroom sink piping when not holding spare toiletries and cleaning accessories. Just get creative with holders to maximize every inch!



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